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For Brass Quintet

December, 30th

Polyhedron is commissioned by Omega Brass Ensemble, which making use of metonymy resource, the title, at the same time is the leitmotiv of the work, makes clear reference to the first composition matter, the inorganic origin and universal of the metal objects: their molecular structure, crystalline and polyhedral.

This body Euclidean that defines three dimensions, are in turn the polygons that make up the second category of polytopes, where the counterpoints give way to the lines and points, in definitive original elements of the first dimension. The conjunction of two polyhedra are born the polychora, regions of large dynamic tension and increased sound intensity points.

In this way, the objects defined its very essence of these nano-structures, seek the transfiguration of the materials, developing a circular speech, where the air, the breath, is the great promoter of this sonorous geometry of points and lines, counterpoint of planes, periodicity and irregularity we can perceive through the listening of this sonic pentahedron.


IV Certame Galego de Composición para Bandas de Música

November, 21st

Invited by the organization to enjoy the jury of the “IV Popular Wind Bands  Composition Contest”, organised by de Galician Federation of Popular Wind Bands and the Galician Goverment. The jury was formed as well by the composer Juan Durán and the conductor José Carlos Seráns.



X Certame de Novos Intérpretes Solistas José Valcárcel

November, 05th

Invited by the organization to enjoy the jury of the X Soloist Pertormer Contest -José Valcárcel-. The jury was formed as well by the composer and conductor, Xabier Comesaña, the clarinet soloist and conductor, Francisco Pérez and the trumpet soloist, Adolfo Caride.

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